Protect your clinical equipment from damaging limescale

(Image: limescale)

Softeners and Deionizers

The most cost-efficient way to deal with the effects of Calcium Carbonate and other Inorganic water impurities found in your potable (tap) water

CleanCert’s range of water softeners and deionizer cartridges improve the performance of your most expensive clinical equipment. With features that include clever connection components, any member of staff can carry out standard maintenance in seconds, without needing any special tools or call out engineers.

High-grade cationic beads maximise limescale adsorption to significantly increase the time between regeneration cycles or cartridge replacement.

Our products

Permanent and disposable water softeners

No mains power required — just connect and go. Softens water to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs for

  • washer-disinfectors,
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers,
  • mains-fed dental chairs,
  • hot water boilers, and
  • any other equipment or appliances that use potable water.

Deionizer cartridges

  • Boosts the performance of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers by ‘polishing’ the water.
  • Di cartridge helps ensure that your purified water is ‘fit for purpose’ for longer periods before standard maintenance is needed
  • Deionizes around 15,000 litres of water before cartridges need replacing.
  • Change cartridges in seconds using simple push-fit connections.

Choose CleanCert water softeners if your practice is in a hard water area

Hardness in England and Wales


Hardness in Ireland

Hardness in Ireland

Hardness in Scotland

Click here for Scottish Hardness Data 2019​- Use CaCO3 column- any number over 250 ppm needs a hard water system

Which water softener is right for you?

EY7010 Permanent Water Softener

dentist surgery dentist surgery dentist surgery  dentist surgery

Ideal for larger practices with 4 or more surgeries

Simply fill the chamber with salt pellets every few days.

EY211 Water Softener w/disposable cartridges

dentist surgery dentist surgery dentist surgery

Ideal for practices with up to 3 surgeries

Maintenance-free device for removing limescale in RO units in surgeries with 1,2 or 3 chairs.


Potent water disinfectant with biofilm remover.


Safely eliminates bacteria in the oral cavity.


Low-cost water purification with Reverse Osmosis technology.


Proven to destroy hard-to-kill bacteria and viruses.