• A wide spectrum disinfectant mouthwash for use on a number of specialist dental procedures.
  • Contains NANO BUBBLES to help with irrigation and flushing out of debris.
  • Successful test results from a major UK dental school in eliminating various strains of E faecalis.
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Orawize is a broad spectrum intraoral dental mouthwash, that has been specially formulated for professional and patient use.

  • Eradicates dental pathogens and biofilms in affected areas
  • Biocompatible, so avoids toxic dangers for patients and staff
  • Saves preparation time, doesn’t require dilution
  • Removes risk for human contact on eye, skin and ingestion
  • Stabilised Hypochlorous scientifically developed for intraoral use.

To discover the unique safety benefits of OraWize+, click HERE for our safety data sheet.

Orawize uses hypochlorous acid as its active ingredient, which is identical to that made in human white blood cells and is therefore biocompatible. We have stabilised the hypochlorous, which makes it effective for dental use for up to one year.

Established dental irrigants in the market are toxic, require variable concentrations and pose innate risks to the patient including chemical burns, tissue necrosis, neurological damage, airway obstruction, as well as being known allergens (anaphylaxis shock). For those irrigants that require careful dilution- this is time-consuming and puts both the patient and the dentist in a position of risk. Too much dilution and the irrigant is likely to be ineffective, exposing the patient to the risk of a failed treatment- too little dilution and the patient risks chemical burns and tissue necrosis.

Orawize by contrast is biocompatible and therefore eliminates all of these risks, allowing dental practitioners and patients to use confidently before, during and after treatment in the oral cavity.


  • Used for eliminating bacteria and biofilm that accumulate around teeth and restorations
  • Scientifically proven for use in human hygiene under the Biocidal Product Regulations/Article 95 for parts 1-5 (Part 1- human hygiene)
  • DFU: Rinse with around 20ml of OraWize for 30 seconds, spit out and repeat. Don’t rinse with water afterwards. Use twice a day or after a meal
  • Contains NANO BUBBLES, microscopic bubbles of oxygen which change the characteristics of Orawize by boosting irrigating, flushing and disinfecting performance
  • Specifically formulated for use by both dental professionals as well as patients.
  • Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorhexidine free
  • NON IRRITANT for short-term human risk eg eyes, skin + ingestion.
  • pH balanced
  • 0.015% HOCl, 0.6% NaCl, 99.385% H2O

OraWize’s  active ingredient is called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is part of a group of small molecules known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is synthesized by neutrophils (white blood cells) during phagocytosis of antigens 1. The molecule consistently shows a broad antimicrobial spectrum for the inhibition of multiple Gram positive and Gram negative microorganisms, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, virus, yeast mould and fungus without causing side effects such as irritation of the mucosa or extrinsic pigmentation on the tooth surface or restorations. In addition, HOCl also has an important anti-inflammatory and proliferative activity (2 3 4 ).

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