Eau Flow 505 Di – RO for hard water (5-8 chairs)

Eau Flow 505 Reverse Osmosis system for medium to larger practices in hard water areas with 5- 8 surgeries and up to 4 autoclaves. Comes with a high capacity 20L storage tank.

Contains bayonet connections to save you time and a built-in TDS meter to ensure accurate water quality readings.

Would you like our trained engineers to come and fit the RO system, which includes a short training session (nationwide, except highlands and islands)? Cost £250. Please select below.

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*****NEW!! 2019/20 MODEL*****

This clever and stylish RO unit is suitable for larger practices with 5 – 8 surgeries and up to 4 autoclaves in hard water areas – where the mains (potable) water quality is over 250ppm CaCO3 (if unsure, you can check your water hardness on your local water utility company’s website).


* unique ‘bayonet’ connections on ALL 5 cartridge stages which means any of your staff can change them in seconds without any tools, thus avoiding stressful and costly downtime associated with changing cartridges used in other RO systems.

* built-in TDS meter after the 5th stage to give you an accurate ‘live’ water quality reading, which ensures water quality is always fit for purpose in autoclaves and dental chairs.

* proprietary biofilm cleaning kit means users can address both ‘organic’ (eg bacteria) and ‘inorganic’ (eg limescale) issues quickly and easily, often without needing to call out an engineer.


In addition, the EY5505HW package includes:

  • a 5 stage RO water filter with easy maintenance ‘quick release’ cartridges, including ALL connection components  (non-return valve, washing machine valve, 1/4 to 3/4 BSP)
  • choice of dispensing valve or counter-top tap (included)
  • 8m of plastic tubing (1/4″/ 6.2mm)
  • Larger capacity 20L storage tank
  • EY30810 high capacity Di cartridge (post RO)
  • FREE inline TDS water meter (EY20155).

NB – Water hardness and its impact on RO performance for your autoclave and dental chairs: The most important issues that affects the quality of water coming out of your RO system and hence when you need to change cartridges,  is the water quality in your area (normally determined by limescale and nitrates), plus your RO water consumption. If you fit this unit in a hard water area, it should ensure you do not need to change any cartridges on your RO for 1 year, under normal conditions. 

Technical spec:

  • Dimensions (L x H x W cm) 40 x 38 x 15 . Tank 20L 28 dia. x 38 h. Di mixed bed  14 dia x 54 h
  • Tank pressure: 7psi when empty and detached. 25-40psi when connected
  • dispensing speed: 1.5 -2L/min
  • distance from RO to tap: 3m max, unless additional pump installed
  • distance from RO to tank: 3m max, unless additional pump installed
  • tank refill (average, @350ppm): 120 -140ml/min
  • waste water (average @350ppm): 420-600ml/min

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