H2Olistic solutions for dental practices

Most suppliers of Infection Control products and services focus on eliminating the organic material (e.g. bacteria or legionella) found in dental practices, without necessarily looking at wider factors

By contrast, suppliers of DUWS’ , notably water purification equipment, focus on issues that arise from inorganic material that can affect water purity (eg carbonates) and don’t always appreciate how water purity and infection control need to work together to ensure HTM01/05 compliance:

 Hard-water contamination (aka limescale) of wet instruments, which then go on to sterilization, can compromise the proper function of a small steam sterilizer…”  HTM01/05 sec 3.31

CleanCert specialise in providing simple Infection Control advice and systems to resolve your organic matter and infection control issues as well as those involving inorganic material and water purity.

This co-ordinated approach helps with ‘Best Practice’ recommendations in HTM01/05 and ensures your bacterial load on hard surfaces (TVC) and water quality levels (TDS) are reduced quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

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