Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are ‘Biofilms’?

“Biofilms (matrix-enclosed microbial accretions that adhere to biological or non-biological surfaces) represent a significant and incompletely understood mode of growth for bacteria. Biofilm formation appears early in the fossil record (~3.25 billion years ago) and is common throughout a diverse range of organisms in both the Archaea and Bacteria lineages, including the ‘living fossils’ in the most deeply dividing branches of the phylogenetic tree. It is evident that biofilm formation is an ancient and integral component of the prokaryotic life cycle, and is a key factor for survival in diverse environments. Recent advances show that biofilms are structurally complex, dynamic systems with attributes of both primordial multicellular organisms and multifaceted ecosystems. Biofilm formation represents a protected mode of growth that allows cells to survive in hostile environments and also disperse to colonize new niches.”

Courtesy of L. Hall-Stoodley , JW Costerton& P.Stoodley.2004

2) How the human body naturally produces our technology


3) What testing standards have our products achieved?


4) HTM 01/05 (2013 ed.). Decontamination in Primary Care Trusts.

Decontamination in primary care dental practices (HTM 01-05)

5) Average water consumption in a dental practice and recommended components- note this is an average figure.


6) ‘The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems’


CleanCert’s infection control product range:

Below: Biofilm of rod-shaped and spherical bacteria – 3d illustration

Below: Diagram showing growth of a bacterial biofilm on a skin wound, from initial attachment through microcolony formation, signalling and mature biofilm