Improved clinical water quality and reduced costs

  • Innovative Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.

  • Built-in live water quality meter.

  • Hard and soft water options.

EauFlow delivers ultra-purified water without the need for costly water bottles or unreliable distillers. Designed to save clinicians time and money, EauFlow’s advanced multi-level filtration system uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove dangerous bacteria, ions and particles from the water supply.

Designed for use in autoclaves, dental chairs, ultrasonic baths and other clinical water equipment. EauFlow RO comes with a built-in water quality monitoring meter to ensure your water is ‘fit for purpose’ in any clinical application.

(Available for soft and hard water areas)

Eau Flow 505 hard water model



  • The most efficient way to remove organic and inorganic water impurities.
  • Works seamlessly with CleanCert biofilm cleaner to eliminate established biofilm matrixes found in any water system.
  • Hard and soft water options with WRAS approved components

Saves Time & Money


  • Helps ensure a stress-free work environment, as nothing needs to be carried or filled up.
  • No need to keep buying and disposing of plastic water bottles.
  • Only need to change cartridges once a year in most cases.



  • Maintenance takes seconds with quick-change bayonet filter connections.
  • Built-in live water quality meter.
  • No need for specialist tools or engineer call-out fees for standard maintenance.

The EauFlow difference

EauFlow RO Other RO products Distilled water-bottles Distillers & kettles
Integrates with CleanCert non-toxic disinfectant for a complete bacteria and biofilm prevention solution.
Storage tank helps mitigate the issue with variable water pressure. n/a n/a
Built-in live water quality meter. (most models)
Easy-to-change cartridge system — no tools required. n/a
Saves on storage space.
No need to dispose of plastic water bottles.
Unlimited purified water on tap. (some models)

Save money with EauFlow

Figures based on the typical costs for a dental practice running two or three chairs and one autoclave, adhering to HTO1/05 best practice, using 5 litres of purified water per day.

Costs/Maintenance Time to produce 5L
EauFlow RO From £250 pa 30 minutes
Bottled Water £1105 pa @ £4.25/5L
£1820 pa @ £7/5L
Distiller £260 in electricity pa +
engineer costs
5 hours

See how much you could save if you currently buy bottled water

Savings with an EauFlow 505 Reverse Osmosis (soft water) VS buying bottled water (5L)


Price / Unit (Net)

Litres used (pa):
Plastic bottles sent to landfill / recycling (pa):
Cost to your practice using bottled water (pa):
Saving to your practice pa, after buying an RO unit:
Saving to your practice with buying an RO unit:
Payback period with buying an RO unit months:

Bottles used

That's kg of plastic!

Assumptions: Eau Flow 505 – £659.95 net | 1 yr. pack cartridges- £249.95 net | 5L plastic bottle (empty) – 250 grams


Model EauFlow 505 Hard water options (capacity)/cm
Weight kg 12 filter 4 tank Deioniser/DI (post-RO): EY30810
(14000L@10ppm) 54 H x 14 dia.
Dimensions: LxHxW (cm) 40 x 38 x 15 (tank 28 dia. x 38 h)
Storage Tank 12L (8, 20, 40 & 75L available)
Electrical supply 13 amp socket. 1.2m lead
Length of dispensing gun tubing 2m

Dimensions of non-standard tanks (cm) 8L= 23 dia x 41 h, 20L= 28 dia x 46 h, 40L = 39 dia x 63 h, 75L = 40 dia x 85 h

The ecologically friendly alternative to disposable plastic water bottles

EauFlow eliminates the hassle of storing and disposing of distilled water bottles.


Services needed



Opening an Eau Flow 505 – 2019



Decommissioning an EauFlow RO

Recommissioning an EauFlow RO


Potent water disinfectant with biofilm remover.


Safely eliminates bacteria in the oral cavity.


Low-cost water purification with Reverse Osmosis technology.


Proven to destroy hard-to-kill bacteria and viruses.