We supply innovative products that keep patients and clinical staff free from infection and safe from toxic risks

Our Ethos

Cutting the cost of effective clinical infection control

For over 10 years, CleanCert Innovations has operated at the forefront of high-performance clinical infection control and water management.

We help clinical practices manage infection risks without the need for toxic chemicals; we produce pre-mixed solutions to save time and provide one-step applications to reduce the downtime associated with multi-step processes.

Our pioneering solutions are more powerful, efficient and safer to use than conventional products, giving clinicians and practice staff the means to run their practices more effectively.

Our 360-degree approach to clinical infection control

Our logic

The simple logic that biocompatible products are better than toxic alternatives lies at the heart of our business because they

  • kill bacteria and other pathogens from the inside out by destroying their DNA, and
  • have no short or long term side effects on mammalian cells and the wider natural environment.

Our flagship products, CleanCert, OptiZil and OraWize, are developed with Hypochlorous acid (HOCI), a biocide so safe it is produced naturally by the human immune defence system to kill invasive organisms.

CleanCert is a biocompatible disinfectant that quickly removes established biofilm in waterlines and kills bacteria to prevent biofilm reforming. There is no need to mix or dilute toxic chemicals. CleanCert is a non-toxic, premixed solution that even removes established biofilm.
OptiZil is the perfect choice for safety conscious-clinical practices. FREE from harmful chemicals like aldehyde, alcohol, bleach and QACs, OptiZil quickly kills bacteria and removes established biofilm in a single treatment.
OraWize is an antibacterial irrigant that needs no pre-mixing and is 100% safe for human contact while proven to be as effective as sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in eliminating e-faecalis.

Making safer solutions practical


The science that makes CleanCert Innovations’ products so effective lies in the unique design of our electrochemical cell and exclusive manufacturing process.

Over 10 years of intensive research and testing have enabled us to develop biocompatible products with verified 12-month shelf life and solved the problems of naturally occurring HOCI losing its potency in short timeframes ,

Toxic free chemicals verified by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)


ECHA has devised a list of the lowest risk chemicals whose properties have been approved under strict guidelines around their more favourable environmental, human or animal health profile. The list is called Annex 1 and CleanCert’s products have been shortlisted, along with other harmless substances like vegetable oil!

Harnessing technology

We developed the EauFlow Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter to overcome the challenges associated with unreliable distillers and expensive bottled water.
EauFlow + CleanCert provides clinicians with ultra-purified water on tap AND remove the risk of dangerous biofilm forming in the water.

CleanCert Academy

In 2018, we created the CleanCert Academy to support clinicians with a means to increase knowledge and embrace best-practice.
Our CPD program is FREE to access and provides certificates on completion of courses covering a wide range of practical subjects.


Potent water disinfectant with biofilm remover.


Safely eliminates bacteria in the oral cavity.


Low-cost water purification with Reverse Osmosis technology.


Proven to destroy hard-to-kill bacteria and viruses.